Finding Adamsworld 2022

If you’ve read much of what I write between my book and weekly blog posts, you may likely have noticed a propensity for the bright side of things even in the midst of “blah.” Well, if you’re reading this and expecting any of that in relation to the Holidays 2021, you’re in the wrong place. I’ve got none of it, not even trying … the worst ever. Omicron was omnipresent, not only in actual positive cases, but shut down gatherings, canceled trips, constantly shifting plans, and unsettledness in detecting, accepting, and/or respecting how others viewpoints, science, or comfort levels differed from our own. Add in typical holiday stress, sadness, unappreciated gifts, family dynamics … I mean, I never even got the crèche down from the attic, it just felt so ‘fake’ this year. So I’m not even trying. It sucked. I’m brushing over it completely (if you noticed, I sent nothing last week), and just looking ahead to 2022 … not with any real hope per se, as things still feel bleak in this crazy world we’ve created for ourselves, and seemingly insurmountable. 

But, I’m just gonna start small. If you read my book, Not to Spoil the Ending but Everything is Going to be OK, you know that in his short life Adam accomplished a lot under the radar, in a “normal yet extraordinary” way or like a “saint in street clothing.” He seemed to have a knack for a lot of impact with little effort – small things that accomplished a lot of good.

My New Year’s resolution is all about “Finding Adamsworld” … to live what I wrote, and what people who have written, called, or stopped me on the street, to say changed their own lives… 

So, I went back through the book and came up with some ideas (and corresponding sections, chapters, or pages) just in case you are interested in joining me:

  1. Turn off the news and social media and meditate, or hit the self-help books or podcasts (“Flashlights”)… Or even read an inspirational book (Not to Spoil the Ending…)
  2. Wear and share your smile. (#ODEFUN)
  3. Start each day with “Thank you” before opening your eyes or letting any other thought in (Gratitude, pg. 99)… or just appreciate and enjoy your car – every time you get in (“White Beemer” pg. 115)
  4. Develop a spiritual practice – prayers in the morning, meditation, whatever. It doesn’t need to be church (following Adam’s example🙃) just something to transcend this mess. (#KTF)
  5. Do something fun with the family. This is hard with my boys, they always say no, but I’m going to push it anyway (pg. 187)… If you’re a kid, connect with your mom (“Touching my Hand” pg. 175)
  6. Lift up your head and notice people, and connect when they need it (#IGotU)
  7. Help a person who is less fortunate – not a cause, an actual person (“That Black Life Matters” pg. 233)
  8. Nothing/Nobody is black and white. Take the time to learn more about the other side (#FAKE)
  9. When things suck, breathe. (“Washable Paint” pg. 271)
  10. Stop, notice, and Smile because it is happening! (Bright Sunshine, pg. 293)

I hesitate to say Happy New Year, make predictions, or project hope about things getting better, but I’ve picked out my own things from the list above, and I’m dedicated to making them happen. I’m also committing to consistency in my blog. So if you have enjoyed reading, stay tuned to new posts every Sunday morning. And please help me spread the word. Forward it on and share with your friends!

One thought on “Finding Adamsworld 2022

  1. Sending hugs! Thank you for reminding me that I am not alone in this feeling of COVID exhaustion. The only way to get through this part of the journey is through #Adam’s style of kindness. In Hebrew there is a saying, “Gam Zeh Yaavor” ….. this too shall pass! Here’s to a return to meals with friends, travel adventures, happy hours and the common cold.


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