Not to Spoil the Ending…

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“…an antidote for today’s anxiety”

Image of book cover with title, Not to Spoil the Ending but Everything is going to be ok, and subtitle, Insights from a teeneger in Heaven about happiness here, a silhouette of a boy with a back pack gesturing a peace sign standing in front of a pink, purple and orange sunset, and the author's name, Naomi Brickel
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“Adam had a way of seeing people, past the things that separate us to what is real and we share in common. He inspired a diverse group of boys to a state championship in his honor… And Naomi is one of the few people who has recognized me – more than just a touchdown or a viral video clip.” 

Ray Rice, former Baltimore Ravens 3x Pro Bowl Running Back and Super Bowl Champion

Can happiness be this easy and effortless?

The sudden unforeseen death of Naomi’s 15-year-old son Adam plunges her into painful shock and darkness. Beginning with harsh details of the harrowing tragedy, Naomi goes on over time to discover lights – presented in the stories, signs, dreams, and Adam’s friends who connect – unveiling heartening messages that could only be from him and penetrating even the intensity of her motherly despair. Adam’s unique, playful and poignant principles about happiness, summed up in his own teenage framework, “#Adamsworld: Hashtags for Livin’ Yzy” provide lessons about Joy presented through the recollections of kids who knew him in their recorded messages in a funeral visitation book.

Not to Spoil the Ending… but everything is going to be ok is an uplifting narrative that offers simple yet profound examples for making this world more hopeful and heavenly.

Acclaim for Not to Spoil the Ending

Not to Spoil the Ending…  is a manifesto of love, family, faith and community.  It begins that heartbreaking night when a son, grandson and brother was taken too soon.  But this story is so much more.  Naomi masterfully weaves a tapestry through time, born from a mother’s intimate memories of her son’s life, the heartbreak of his death and the awakening she experiences through the life that Adam lived and the gifts he continues to give.

Katherine Nicholls,
Chair, The New York State Council on the Arts; RETIRED CEO, GREENGALE PUBLISHING LLC,

“In my almost 40 years as a priest, I’ve come to ask myself if any pain or suffering could possibly be heavier than what is felt by a parent who buries a child.  Yet, in this remarkable book, Naomi brings the reader on her journey from desolation and grief to place of profound peace and even joy.  At the funeral, I mentioned that Adam was a normal teenager but an extraordinary kid.  When I closed this book, Adam’s goodness was palpable and I knew again that apples come from trees.” 

Msgr. Thomas F. Petrillo, Ed.D.
priest, pastor, teacher,
Westchester County, NY

Publishers Weekly 2021 Booklife Prize Quarterfinalist!

“a profound and emotionally devastating memoir … effective and well-executed … Brickel does a fantastic job of pulling the reader in … unique in its use of hashtags, poetry, and social media posts, which add texture to the narrative and allow it to feel very much of the moment … a painful, creative, and poignant narrative about loss, grief, and grappling with the wholly unexpected.”

The BookLife Prize

“Naomi Brickel is an author destined to become a household name with the publication of this book, a must read for anyone seeking help fighting off the feeling of anxiety and depression that has reached epidemic proportions throughout our world today..  This work delivers an energetic punch that will forcefully instill positive feelings, remove negative thoughts, embrace and comfort by providing you with a fresh and positive perspective on your life. This book will change your life… Thank you, Naomi. You didn’t spoil the ending for us. You have made us all feel that everything “IS OK”

Dr. Kevin Maloney, MD, founder/attending physician, Harbor Immediate Medical Care , and St. Rita’s Free Medical Clinic, Advocate for Health Care Equity