Connecting to what’s real underneath all the noise

An Objective Review

Last week, I was struck by an unexpected book review posted by a friend on Facebook. “You will laugh and cry and reach deep into your soul to figure out your purpose in life…”

A Purple Wave 💜

I’m back! Hopefully you’ve missed these posts since the last one at the end of June. I took the summer – and well into this fall – to chill, refresh, and stay tuned in and present to intense recent life experiences and all of their joys, sorrows, stresses and excitements – taking in all thatContinue reading “A Purple Wave 💜”

Letting Go of My Kite

Life is contrasts, and in each moment, we make decisions on where to focus our attention.


Maybe as a start, we can tune in more to the humans we pass as we go about our busy days


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