Adam’s short life was noted for simple yet impactful acts of acceptance, outreach, and kindness. #Adam’sWorld carries on his legacy by supporting those who could use a hand on their shoulder, promoting equity and opportunity in the New Rochelle Community and beyond. #AdamsWorld develops and implements programs to manifest a community that is more closely aligned with the values that Adam’s life personified. Activities are focused on helping others, especially young adults and individuals with vulnerabilities, in order to create a world that is more inclusive, kind, and happy for everyone. Like Adam!

Community Classes – classes for young adults to promote a successful and fulfilling life in the adult world and inclusive communities. 

Coaching and Mentoring – one to one support for young people seeking to launch successfully into  a healthy and prosperous adult life.

Coming Soon!

Naomi is working with former NFL superstar, Ray Rice, New Rochelle community volunteer, Gina Ruggierio, and fashion designer, Rashad Cherry to develop a merchandise line inspired by themes generated from the stories of Adam’s life.

Rashad Cherry, founder and owner of Amoúr (French for Love), a high end New Rochelle based streetwear brand, cultivates unity through his fashion. Amoúr is dedicated to producing timeless designs and high quality pieces.

All profits from #AdamsWorld sales will benefit Pipeline to Prosperity, a non-profit founded by Ray Rice to provide opportunities, programming, support and services, to kids and young adults who need it most, promoting their social and emotional wellness and helping them to succeed in order to fulfill their potential as quality citizens and prospering members of society.

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