Friends! Family! Fun?!?…

Planning, participating, and enjoying social activities when it doesn’t come easy

This class is open to all and will cover common challenges in social encounters that make people feel awkward and avoid socializing altogether. Activities to build social skills and enjoyment will include learning to play and engage at adult game nights, role playing and practicing conversational skills to feel more comfortable with people you don’t know well, and advocating for what you need out of a social encounter. With the holidays around the corner we’ll address the social complexities in friends and family get-togethers … What to bring? … How to manage crowds and people you don’t know well or those that might get on your nerves… What to do when you are not having fun but must stay….Hosting small gatherings and deciding what to wear for the occasion … Finding the right thing to say and initiating conversations… Even handling uncomfortable or unsafe social interactions. 

Class Details:

Six sessions and culminating Holiday SOCIAL and FUN gathering: 

In person classes: Tuesdays (4:30m – 6pm) October 18 & 25th, November 1st, 8, 15th & 29th

Social Celebration: Saturday, December 3rd (6-9pm) 

All sessions will be held in New Rochelle, NY

Cost: $1300

Questions? Contact us at
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