I’m Here, Mom, Part 2

I had nothing this week until I came down a half hour ago to this glorious Mother’s Day gift from my purple Huguenot in Heaven.

I’m Here, Mom – Still

In the joy that you’ve uncovered
underneath the hell
And the blessings of my siblings
you now can see so well

In Billy’s quirky creativity
and social activism
In Kit’s anchoring the family
and smiling charism
Mindy and Johhny’s pride in their work
Jude’s “I love you’s” …
(and being less of a jerk)

Those birds you know when you see
– of course ALL the peonies –
add all the purple flowers and sunsets
and it’s pretty much daily

My presence when you’re quiet
the feeling of my laugh
All of the Adele songs
and even most the rap

In the lows and the alone
In the joyful holidays
In Tommy, Peter, Jamie, Mike,
Tristan, Derek, and Corey

Butterflies for sure,
those Vans and Yeezys too
It’s odd but oh so me 
to show up in a shoe

Soulshine, Jimmy Cliff, Beatles,
and the Doors
I’m here, Mom, always
I couldn’t be here more

It’s me, Adam!
Tune in, know, and see! 
Enjoy these purple flowers,
Happy Mother’s Day from me!

9 thoughts on “I’m Here, Mom, Part 2

  1. Happy Mothers Day dear friend. I loved the post this morning. You are always the wordsmith, always noticing the invisible and always grateful. It is the perfect combination for a wise mother.

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