Heart – Season 2

Have you ever been in the doctor’s office and began to notice that people who came after you were getting called in to be seen before? It happened for me this week while waiting for a routine sports physical for my 16-year-old.

“Do you think he forgot us?” I asked the office manager somewhat playfully while explaining an insurance issue.

“No. Just busy…” Then she paused and looked up at me. “Your writing is just beautiful. Really. It’s amazing.”

“Oh, wow.” (Totally unexpected) “Thank you. I appreciate that. Honestly it’s not me.” and I pointed and looked up. (Adam had been a patient there too and she knew him since birth.) “I’m just getting his message out there. It literally just comes. It’s amazing. Not me at all. … Thanks for reading.”

It might sound like a fluffy or insincerely modest response, but it’s 100% real. Every post I write here comes from an impulse from somewhere outside of me or my own brain. Impulses that have become easier to notice and acknowledge as I’ve been more consistent and practiced with meditation and, what I think of as, “living from my heart.” 

A post from Finding Adamsworld “Season 1” on the very topic, and how it percolated into my consciousness is a perfect amazing example. First read it. It’s called (of course) Heart. (And, I love that picture of Adam so much I had to reuse it!)

Even for me, a year later, I am struck again by how something so different from anything I’d ever thought about in my own mind, brain, and thoughts somehow permeated, and as you read further practically perseverated, my consciousness, and how much it’s influenced me in how I’ve evolved in this past year. What’s crazier is how it came, that second part comparing head vs heart behaviors and living, which I didn’t share in the original post and is quite powerful in itself. It happened in the middle of the night the week prior to the post which was also, obviously, the week before Valentine’s Day (also cool). I was woken with “head this” “heart this” comparisons vocalizing in my head and continuous. It was slightly overwhelming, the competing “don’t entertain this or you’ll never fall back to sleep, you have work tomorrow,” a sense that it was important with concern about holding it all in thought as they kept coming, and the knowledge that it could be gone as quickly as it came – at the very least, definitely by the next morning, if I didn’t note it all somewhere. Finally, I picked up my phone and sent myself texts, each thought separately, and then fell back to sleep, only to be woken again a half hour later with more. And then again. But the next morning when I picked up my phone and read my texts to myself, it was all there and clear, ready to be developed into a powerful post (most especially for me) the following Sunday.

Fast forward a year….

Saturday mornings are a special quiet time for me, and I often like to sit and watch youtube videos over my coffee. (I know, such a teenager.) A month or two ago, I happened to watch an interesting video on the heart, detailing its composition which includes actual brain cells – its own mini nervous system and intelligence. The human body is a miracle! I found it quite powerful at the time … 

But it was only this past week, as I was consciously aware of this regular and persistent, “live from the Heart” impulse, and I stayed deliberate in trying to do so, that a powerful connection between that impulse, a scientific heart video, and my blog post from a year ago began to come together into something connected and meaningful… and still continues to turn and develop… 

Live from the Heart… I think there’s more to it than sweet, churchy, or nice… something more powerful than our little limited human brains can even make up or fathom… Infinite Loving Intelligence, so simply accessible, and right here in my Heart!

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