From Here (Now) to Eternity

It’s been a hectic time. Tuesday will be the last day at my old job, and I’ve been trying to wrap up and leave things so that the wonderful work I’ve been a part of will continue seamlessly. I’ve also had the fortunate opportunity over these last two months to be a consultant for my next position, enabling me to be part of getting some things in place, so that as I take on this new project, we’re dressed for success. All thrilling, and I wouldn’t change anything, but with so much happening, it has not been as easy to remain present and maintain a calm peace. So, I’ve stayed focused and made deliberate efforts, being faithful to meditation each morning, stopping when I feel stress energies rising to become silent and inner focused (if just for five minutes or even 30 seconds), and taking what I’ve called, “presence” walks in between meetings, 25 minutes of power pacing trying to stay tuned into nature around me and out of my racing brain.

During one of those walks this week, a thought arose, “Now is connection to Eternal.” It felt abstract and out there, yet somehow anchored in my consciousness, but just until my next Zoom meeting hastened it along. A few days later during early morning meditation, the same thought arose, noted but swept away this time in the quick paced morning drop offs. And then yesterday, with no alarm rushing me anywhere, I woke up in a bright sunny bedroom, all cozy in my flannel sheets, and there it was again.

“If this is somehow supposed to be a blog, I got nothing.” I chuckled to myself. It felt too hazy and obscure. I’ve become so relaxed in blog obligation that I’m never willing to let it be work, and it actually seems to come more effortlessly and easily, even writing itself, like last week’s. …

Two jobs is not just more stress, but comes with its perks too, like an additional paycheck, and on Friday, I got myself a new car. If you read my book, you might recall my last purchase, the White Beemer (see chapter of the same name), and all of its joyful and moving Adam connections, as well as my character car guy, Teddy. Ted has coordinated the logistics of this transaction too. And yesterday, I went to drop off a down payment.

“Look at that, the dent’s gone!” He said incredulously looking at the front driver’s side door of my beemer.

“Oh yes. I finally got it fixed. Did it myself with these suction things. 5 bucks on Amazon. I guess I’m a body guy now, if you ever want to subcontract me.” The dent had mysteriously appeared almost a year before, and though it bothered the hell out of me letting my beautiful car experience imperfection, the hectic life had been prohibitive to addressing it. And, believe it or not, dent suction cups were another of this week’s meditation inspirations, and this time, rather than being distracted from it, I actually ordered them during another Zoom. They arrived the next day. .. “Cleaned the area around the dent, applied the suction, a little pull. And viola.”

“Wow. Amazing. I love it.” Ted cheered.

“Yeah, but now with that one clean spot where the dent was, you can really see how dirty it is. It’s above freezing today so maybe I’ll clean it this afternoon.”

“No, follow me to my car wash guy in Mamaroneck. It’s on me,” offered Ted. And a half hour later, my beemer was perfectly shiny. “Wow. Beautiful. So, whatdya got planned for the rest of this beautiful day, Curly?” He asked as we both looked on as the wonderful, and once again perfect, white beemer got some final finishing touches.

“Jeeze, look at it!” I was filled with the same exuberance I felt the first day I drove it. “Wow. I’m gonna take that beautiful car for a nice long last ride. While it’s still officially mine, before the boys take it over and trash it. I’m gonna take a happy ride with happy loud music right now! … And who knows, maybe later I’ll write a blog.”

As I pulled away, I turned on the music, and the first song that played off of a “good energy” Spotify playlist that I found was Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles. … The power in music is amazing, the way it can raise emotion, stop everything in your brain, bring you right into the lyrics and their imagery and feelings, into the presence of it all, right here, right NOW…. And, in my case, in my White Beemer, Adam’s posthumous gift, with a beautiful joyful song about the sun playing loud (see my book for all of the beautiful connection there), I could actually feel his playful laughter and emotional enthusiastic energy right next to me in the passenger seat… That NOW was the connection to my precious and beloved Eternal.

I love you Adam. You never disappoint! Amazing! 💜

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5 thoughts on “From Here (Now) to Eternity

  1. Morning Naomi, great blog and the end was very special for me. You might know that I lost my younger brother John in 1987 at AIDS. Our song was “Here Comes the Sun” and everytime I hear it I smile and think of all the fun we had and all the fun he’s missed over the last 35+ years. Have a wonderful Sunday, best of luck with the new job and the new wheels xo Maura

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  2. hola amiga mia…. great blog again… what NEW car did you get??? happy Superbowl Sunday….hope you have some funs plans… remembering years and years ago sitting watching with you and doug! will tip my glass to you both and those memories later today!! xo Ei


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