Inspired Hope

This week’s post is a poem that I wrote early one morning as I was reflecting on a deep conversation that I had last weekend with – get this – a 20-year-old kid. I wrote it to send him as a creative summary of our conversation… I must admit, at work I’m sometimes a little impatient with the millennials and Gen Z’ers, but Adam’s friends always give me hope for this crazy world in the way they think, and the deeper levels of truth that they seek and share.

All Right Here

A presence within, 
and Presence beyond

There’s something that’s more real
than commotion in our mind
It’s deeper in our Heart
a critical Peaceful find

Generous Love, Source, God, 
Expansive Universe
My Soul…

And, when you look into the mirror 
be deliberate at what you see 
Your feelings toward what’s there 
is the person you will be 

I am me 
I Am – Thee
I Am – We?

And, even in this crazy world
we can let go of every fear
There’s a very simple standby
It is the Peace that’s right in here💜

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