I hope you read my post last week about a loving outpouring of the Universe upon this lucky Irish lass. If you didn’t, go back. It’s a cool story that totally happened, and the gifts keep coming. I’m not even kidding, this week it was money. … Looking for my spare car key, thinking I may have hidden it somewhere crazy, I was digging through pockets of my husband’s old suit jackets in the closet and found $2600! I bought myself a present. This good energy stuff is powerful, and even impacts people I don’t know.

Two weeks ago, I woke up on a Saturday in my mom’s summer house in Westhampton for the first time in a while (certainly the first bright warm morning since last summer). There was no one expecting anything from me, and I’d stayed in bed longer than usual, sat in my room for some meditation, and was ready to further enjoy a relaxed morning. I walked through town and the farmers market, found a spot to grab a coffee, and decided to sit on a bench and do nothing but watch and appreciate life happening. 

Town was crowded with people strolling along Main St. As I watched people walk by, I subtly, but not quite subconsciously, noted that most, while physically moving along this cheerful street, were somewhere else, far away in their heads in a far less happy place. No one seemed to notice how gorgeous the light was, the pretty manicured sidewalks, or the lightly caressing upbeat breeze. I looked up at each person that passed, and no one saw or caught my eye. But again, all of that was peripheral, and so it was still very cheering to sit there, and I felt uplifted and content. Across the street, I noticed a grey-haired woman, in olive and grey skirt and blouse, walking along with her little unremarkable, yet off-leash dog. Even in subdued tones, there was a shimmering confidence that I noticed, and she generated a positivity that made me smile even from the distance. I sat for a bit more, tried, mostly unsuccessfully, to engage a surly mailman who stopped close enough to me onloading his cart that it would have been awkward not to, and then got up and started to walk back towards the house, passing more people who did not meet my smile. I’d progressed 50 yards or so, when I noticed the woman with the dog just a few feet ahead, now on my side of the street, walking towards me. She not only caught my eye, but smiled and spoke to me. 

“I’m sorry. This is weird, but I have to stop you and say how pretty you look. There’s just something about your whole you!” She waved her hands up and down gesturing my whole body.

I chuckled out loud. “Wow! That’s so nice. Thank you! I actually noticed you earlier back there (pointing) as you were walking your dog down Main street off its leash, and your happy confidence made me smile too.”

“Really? Wow! Amazing!” She chuckled back and smiled big. We high-fived and grabbed each other’s hand, laughed together before we let go, and walked our separate ways.

… So what’s all this about me and my great energy? To be honest, I’m really not much of a tooting my own horn fan either … I share stuff like this, these joyful discoveries after Adam’s devastating death, because I think there’s something here that’s bigger than me, that might somehow be part of his larger purpose, and thinking that some of it may hold some very real, if subtle, answers and antidotes for this oppressive energied time we’re in. … You see, I don’t really know how that woman with the dog went on about her day after our soul-connecting high five. But I know mine. I walked home with a smile, jumped in to help with enthusiasm, notably enjoyed a conversation in a car and felt genuine joy for the person being spoken about (that I can actually still recall). I took a walk to the beach and noticed what I was passing, and felt moved by so much beauty around me, instead of getting lost in my own spinning and missing it all. I hugged a friend with my heart wide open, and made a point to invite another friend for dinner. I never felt tired or hassled as I cooked for a large group. In fact, in that entire day I never once felt any kind of ‘me/they’, but only “we.”

Today, as many enjoy a Monday “Juneteenth” holiday, commemorating a first healing step in the ravaging human insult that slavery in the United States imposed, we do so in a world and country that is so stuck, in a culture that has lately seemed only to regress backwards. How could mankind have ever been so blind, unaware, and unconscious, that people could perceive and see other men and women and not see persons? How is it that we only continue to further separate ourselves in our disagreements, impatience, and blinders to other people’s pain? … Maybe as a start, we just need to tune in more as we go about our busy days, driving, walking down the streets (it should be really easy at least in cheerey summer beach towns), and begin to notice, smile, and even high-five more. .. try to actually see those individuals we pass, recognize they are just as human and bursting with desire, even as much as our own lives racing in our heads.



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2 thoughts on “Juneteenth

  1. Ha. Exactly my philosophy of life. Look outside yourself with warmth and love and we will be healed. I make it a point to talk to many I pass on the street and in grocery stores. I once told a checkout clerk that she looked so pretty. She looked stunned and said , “you’re the first person who has talked to me in two weeks!” Now that is not how we should live. 💕 Thanks Naomi.

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  2. Thank you for the reminder that to be thankful thoughtful and engaged in our external environment is actually good for US!!


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