Dimes and Weed🍀

My post last week turned out to be unexpectedly unifying in the cord it struck among friends who reached out from both ends of the political spectrum. Further testament I guess, to the power of our energies within the universe, even when the outcomes aren’t quite what we imagined. … Following that lesson, this week I’m being deliberate in an attempt to raise the frequency of your energy with a lighthearted but meaningful anecdote through which I hope not only to bring a smile, but also inspire some positivity and awareness of this loving universe holding us all. … Two weeks ago I wrote about the heavy energy I encountered upon landing back in NY from a trip to Puerto Rico, and this morning I’m sharing a totally different energied experience shortly after I arrived on that beautiful peaceful ‘isla me encanta’.

It was a sunny late Friday afternoon after I landed, and I was on top of a mountain about 40 minutes from town, with a view of the ocean visible over the trees in one direction and of the Rio Anasco far below, celebrating with friends over Coronitas (those little mini Corona bottles) and “Ron Cana” (a homemade infused rum ‘moonshine’). I walked away from the group at one point to take in the grandeur, my heart bursting with joy, gratitude, and awe … and my phone rang. It happened to be a close friend, like one of those best lifetime with whom you’re comfortable being your true self, and with whom I’ve been sharing a similar “lifting our awareness and energy” journey over the past year.

“Hi, you free? I need you to tell me if I’m crazy or looking too deep into things.”

“Sure, but I gotta tell you. I’m standing here on top of a mountain in PR, in the most beautiful place on earth, and feeling all of God’s generosity…” I filled him in on my location, current situation, even my hope to one day share it, etc.

“Wow, that’s great. … Ok, I need to run this by you, you’ll keep me in check, tell me what you think of this. So this morning I was feeling a little lonely, like I just needed to feel loved, and for some reason I wanted dimes.”

“Wait, what was that? You must have gone out for a second. I’m on top of a mountain.”

“Dimes. I wanted to see dimes. I know it’s crazy but for some reason that was what I was in the mood for. …” He went on to share how he’d gone about his day after that silly morning thought, been out and about, at some point bought something, paid cash (unusual in itself), hadn’t even noticed the change when it was returned and he put it in his pocket. … and, when he got home and emptied it, all dimes! … He’d smiled and felt grateful and loved by the Universe. … “Am I looking into things too much? What do you think? Tell me if you think it’s crazy.”

“No! You should look up and say thank you! I think it’s 100% real. You’re so spoiled. Of course you’re going to get whatever you want, even something as dumb as dimes, your such an Italian mommas boy, no one, not even God, can say no to you”… (the cultural reference was said in love – I’m Irish and get it back – and it’s key to the rest of this story)… We hung up, and I went back to my beautiful view, joyful celebration, and love of the people around me. I felt mature in my gratitude for all of it, offered, and recognized and appreciated, without me even asking (we Irish can be proud about the ask, even for things as little as dimes). But I must admit, I was moved by his little ask – and answer! … I heard a bird as I walked back to my friends, and I said my own big “Thank you,” for its simple but still beautiful loving chirp, on top of the grandiosely generous view.

As we drove back down to town. My head switched away from “basking in God’s glory” into practicality mode. I had come to PR for work and there was work to be done – a lot. I noticed it immediately when I got to the house, there were literally weeds growing on the welcome mat. … 

“(Heavy sigh) Life is effort, even the blessings come with so much to do…. and so little time.” I bemoaned (ungratefully). … I went in and changed out of my flowing flowery ‘life is blessing’ sundress, into practical grey and brown work clothes and got moving. It was a while before I got to weeding the welcome mat. When I did, I reached over and picked it up, heavy with water saturation, put it over the railing, and started to extract what was growing there. 

I had removed a bunch before I actually looked closer at what I was pulling .… I was weeding four leaf clovers, like a hundred, every “weed” growing there, a doormat full of ‘once in a lifetime’ Irish blessings … and I stopped, realized what I was experiencing, and chuckled – a generous outpouring of Universe Love.

“Top of the morning my little prickly Irish gift to this Universe… I got you, just ask (wink)…”

I laughed, felt gratefully spoiled, and basked in it. 

… And even the chirping of the birds has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated since.

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6 thoughts on “Dimes and Weed🍀

  1. [Image.jpeg][Image.jpeg]

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    Grateful for coronitas, 4 leaf clovers and friends! When it feels dark, it’s up to us to be the light. I too look for bright shiny Pennies from Heaven. Look, it always around us, if we only take the time to notice. Great post!

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  2. I love your matt so cool 🦩WOW “The luck of the Irish” faith, hope, love, and luck May they be with you always❤️


  3. How wonderful to have such an obvious sign from God. For your friend and for yourself. But the secret is that we have to be aware of what is around us. Not so oblivious that we can’t see what is right before us. Thanks

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