The Best Mother’s Day Ever!🌺 

Over the past several months, I have become a fan of Dr. Joe Dispenza, who was introduced to me by a very close friend and spiritual mentor, my pastor, Fr. Thomas Petrillo. We now both happen to be fans of this inspirational author, researcher and speaker, who attempts to “demystify the mystical” to help people bring peace, joy, and abundance to their lives. I’ve decided to share some of what I’ve learned from him in preparation for Mother’s Day.

Dr. Joe’s work focuses on meditation. The big (albeit overly simplified) takeaway for me is that you can manifest your happiness by changing your vibe through meditation (I happen to also call it prayer) that incorporates both intent and emotion. So, instead of just visualizing what is hoped for, whether success, happiness, healing, etc., you need to also be deliberate in experiencing the elevated feelings the outcome would elicit, training your body to feel what it’s like before it even happens, letting that elevated energy become your energy, and attracting more of the same. I’m telling you, it’s amazing how powerful it is.

But how does it apply to Mother’s Day? … Well for me as a mom, most of what brings me joy or pain is directly related to my kids. “A mom can only be as happy as her least happy child” is a piece of wisdom that my dear friend Yvette’s mother once shared. I have never forgotten it because it perfectly captures my experience raising a big family. Total roller coaster!

When my kids need it, or when I feel they do, I pray. But now I’ve changed the way I meditate and pray about everything, especially them. Instead of coming at it from a place of scarcity, even desperateness, I pray in a state of gratitude, almost as if it’s already happened, even for things that seem insurmountable or impossible. So, instead of mom angst, pain, or fear, “Oh Lord, and all of Heaven too, please save this impending (or already happened) trainwreck …” it’s now more like, “Wow! I’m just loving being the lucky lady who birthed this successful, kind, well-rounded, happy, helpful, tidy, and self-reliant gift to the universe.” Note that hyperbole is intended to make my point. To any of my kids reading this – as if – it’s not you – no trainwrecks, or tidy for that matter, at Casa Brickel.

For the mom’s out there, I’m posting this Saturday so that, if you so choose, you can put this to the test in your own life and have some time to prepare for your special day, that you might have a whole day to manifest the best Mother’s day ever with your own amazing blessings – and really know and feel it. So, even if you find yourself on Sunday to be the one making breakfast or doing the dishes after dinner, you can still congratulate yourself, Rockstar Mom, for the best kid(s) ever! And just watch what begins to happen.

And if you’re not a mom, maybe you are a kid with a mom, or a dad, or some really special person who’s almost as great as a mom, or maybe you’re even just ok or mediocre. Try it out anyway with any of your life’s circumstances. Keep at it, and you’ll be feeling like ‘da bomb’ in no time! Trust me.

Happy Mother’s Day! 🍭

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4 thoughts on “The Best Mother’s Day Ever!🌺 

  1. Hi Nomes,

    Thank you for remembering a bit of my mom’s wisdom picked from her very large velvet bag of wisdom. Enjoy this special weekend, praying it fills you with all the love you so deserve, praying all the blessings you have put out in the universe for your own children, and the dozens you have gathered over the years as your own children, praying those blessings all come back to you and you are awash in peace, health and joy shared with the generations of your family.

    Happy Mother’s Day to my friend, my collaborator, my role model,

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