The Canvas of Nature

Following my own advice from two weeks ago, I stopped, listened, and watched more…. Wow, how spoiled we are… Some attention to what’s been right in front of me inspired muse and I wrote a poem. I hope it inspires your own attention to this spring’s exuberance and energy!

The Canvas of Nature

So much we can learn 

about our Maker 

from looking at what 

is displayed here in Nature. 

The brilliance of fall 

bright leaves, blue sky…  

Total flamboyance 

Outpouring not shy 

Playful chipmunks  

rolling over each other… 

Can you hear the giggle of an 

adoring, charmed mother? 

How about a still sea, 

broken as fish school… 

Emotion and turbulence 

under the cool? 

The quiet of snowstorm, 

how it stops a day… 

Suggesting thoughtfulness, 

some time to pray. 

The intimidating chaos  

of a fierce strong tempest… 

The angst that comes 

with great emotional unrest. 

A lion in the jungle, 

the king in every story… 

Exemplifying strength,  

and power and glory. 

The energy evident  

in the bright sunrise,

The love in a sunset 

as the day dies. 

Birds of the earth,  

different songs, size, and color… 

Diversity and love 

for the individual other. 

The dog that’s so loyal, 

The cat so haughty, 

The cheerful lark, 

The raccoon who is naughty, 

The magnificent mountain, 

The tall stately pine, 

The patience of the 

canyons dug over time. 

Why do we see God 

as this distant dull mist, 

while a grandiose complexity  

shouts from His canvas? 

8 thoughts on “The Canvas of Nature

    1. Beautiful poetry Naomi – thank you for sharing it with us. Artists capture the beauty, the power, the certainty and the fragility of nature leaving us to contemplate, marvel and protect it.


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