Hereditary Vision

NHB 2014:

At the ocean on a crisp sunny day: 

“Look boys! 

Look at the ocean! 

Look at it sparkle! 

That is God’s light! 

That is Heaven right here in our Earth. 

The light is God’s radiance right here!”

On the mountain on a crisp snowy day: 

“Look Mom! 

Look at the snow! 

See that light sparkle? 

It’s like The light! 

Like when Heaven comes into the Earth.” 

… His words are God’s Radiance right here!!

I wrote that poem many years ago, describing first a day by the sea with Johnny and Adam, and another on a chairlift months later. The latter was right after they were both diagnosed with their heart conditions. I took the boys skiing almost every weekend that winter to a mountain in NJ, mostly for Johnny, who I knew would miss all his sports. (Adam was more of a “Ferdinand the Bull,” content to watch, appreciate, and not missing anything.) I can still recall my joy, how my heart filled as I sat bundled up between them, as the message I had shared that day on the beach (assumed to have landed on nothing with BOYS nonetheless!!!) was echoed back to me by Johnny, who was seeing something more than just the snow.

Even cooler? JohnPaul’s comment stopped the noise in my own head, directing my awareness to the gift in front of me in that moment (even committing it to this cherished memory), and to give glory to God’s magnificent presence in the sparkle – and, YES, my precious boys!


Adam, Caroline and Tommy (the kids lifelong besties) clearly equally impressed by the powerful wisdom on the chairlift offered by Johnny (far left)

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