“we’re on a roller coaster”

There are days when things are bleak, but what a blessing a simple “ding” from a 16 year-old can be, reminding me to stop and be “happy it happened.” (see video below and pg. 192, “Not to Spoil the Ending…”)

I never stopped to think – until this very moment – how prophetic (and of course, overly simple, like all Adam’s messages!) the opening line of this video is! Yes, dear one, I have definitely come to understand that life is a ride filled with ups and downs. Thank you for leading me patiently to an appreciation for, and mindful awareness of, the heights – reminding me to stop, look out and see, and appreciate the view – even in the midst or knowledge of an impending plummet!

I’m reminded of our day at Coney Island (admittedly it was the ferris wheel, not the Cyclone) when we discovered your fear of heights in the middle of the ride, distracting us both from the expansive twinkling September ocean right next to us. It’s easy to miss the sparkles, and even vast encompassing beauty, when we’re blinded by sadness, fear, or simply distracted by anticipation or daily anxieties. Yes! We need to stop and notice this beauty, joy, laughter, or love that is right here in this moment! Thank you, Tommy, for a text sent years ago, that pulled me from a sinking despair, continues to feed and inspire today, and still makes me laugh out loud! 💜 Now I’m in the mood for cotton candy and Rolling Thunder! 🍭 #AdamsWorld

Coming up November 3rd!

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Jude appreciating life’s blessings while Adam recovers from white-knuckling the Coney Island Ferris Wheel
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2 thoughts on ““we’re on a roller coaster”

  1. I completely remember that wonderful day! Despite the rides and candy and ice cream it was the fisherman on the dock that truly pulled them in! Thank you for the memory!


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