“His death became my most real reality. …”

It’s true that not a day passes where I don’t think of you or feel the hole left in your loss. Yet, the presence you maintain is in some ways even more ‘real.’ My precious Adam, grief is not linear, and today, on what would have been your 19th birthday, even as my soul aches, I am filled with gratitude as I share your blessings and the wisdom you left behind in the messages and lessons you have taught me. I can honestly say today that you were right, and I am more happy that it happened than sad it’s over.Friends! This has been over a year coming, but I am now a published author! The ebook is live, and the paperback will be out within the next day or two! Happy Birthday Adam. I love you! I hope this is what you were looking for, and I have done you proud! 💜www.naomibrickel.com

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